Debt Collection Services

We offer comprehensive and efficient solutions for clients facing challenges with non-performing debts.

Our team of specialized professionals is equipped with the necessary administrative and technical expertise to effectively collect outstanding debts, checks, and invoices on behalf of banks, supplying companies, and leasing firms.

At Al Haq Legal Group, in the field of insolvency law we provide strategic guidance to firms and companies dealing with insolvent customers and the complexities associated with debt recovery. Our approach begins with direct communication, employing methods such as telephone calls, letters, and field visits to reach an amicable resolution without initiating legal action during the initial stage.
Should our initial efforts not yield the desired outcome, we conduct a thorough assessment of the debtor’s financial situation and assets. If our investigations reveal that the debtor possesses assets capable of satisfying our client’s debt, we promptly inform our client and provide advice on the necessity and associated costs of legal action.
  • Regular reports on the progress of clients cases.

  • Reduced legal costs.

  • Highly trained team members.

We get it

Our team members are highly trained and committed to maintaining the utmost professionalism throughout the debt collection process.

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