Comprehensive Private Notary Services

Experience a new level of convenience and assurance with our Private Notary Services.

At Al Haq Group we pride ourselves on our commitment to professionalism, accuracy, and a deep understanding of Kuwaiti laws and regulations. Our notaries adhere to the highest standards of confidentiality and are dedicated to ensuring a smooth and reliable experience for our clients.

We are thrilled to announce that Al Haq Legal Group now offers an extended suite of Private Notary Services in the State of Kuwait. Alongside our robust portfolio of legal services, our certified notaries are ready to provide you with an impeccable level of professionalism and trust.

Our Private Notary Services include:

  • Documenting power of attorneys and Official Declarations: we help authenticate and document a wide range of agency relationships and official declarations (excluding real estate ownership and rights in rem). Our professionals are dedicated to ensuring your documentation accurately represents your needs and interests.

  • Authenticating Company Contracts: our notaries are equipped to authenticate and document contracts of incorporation for companies, amendments to such contracts, as well as the dissolution of companies or an exit from them. Trust us to streamline your business processes and help you maintain accurate records.

  • Ratifying Customary Documents: we also authenticate and document the history found within customary documents, affirming their authenticity and safeguarding your interests.

Experience & Expertise

Years of hands-on experience gives us a unique understanding of your specific needs. with client-Centered Approach, we prioritize your goals and tailor our services for maximum benefit to you.

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