About Al Haq Group

The firm was founded by Mr. Ali Al Rashed and Mr. Abdul-Hamid Kakouli, with a commitment to deliver legal access and representation services, reflecting our core values of justice and equity.

Our mission is to provide comprehensive legal solutions that meet the diverse needs of our clients, leveraging our team’s expertise and knowledge. By focusing on these values, we strive to provide high-quality legal services that deliver tangible benefits to our clients, foster long-term relationships, and support their growth and success.

Decades of experience

Our teams’ deep knowledge of local customs and regulations in the Middle East, gives us a unique perspective on doing business in the area. This allows us to assist our clients in avoiding costly mistakes, as well as providing them with comprehensive legal solutions that meet their needs.

At Al Haq Group we pride ourselves as law firm that combines the resources and talent of larger firms with personalized service. We offer customized, individualized legal representation at competitive rates and our team take a personal interest in the success of our clients.

What sets us apart from our competitors is our unique combination of international and local expertise. Our team includes both highly experienced regional international advisors and local experts who have established relationships with key regulatory authorities in Kuwait, enabling us to provide the best advice and representation in a timely manner.