In an exciting leap forward, Al Haq Legal Group is elated to present its latest offering: Comprehensive Private Notary Services. This remarkable milestone has been made possible, in part, thanks to our founder partner, Mr. Abdulhameed Kakuly, who has recently been accredited as a private notary by the Ministry of Justice.

 Our new notary services seamlessly integrate with our broad spectrum of legal offerings, reinforcing our undying pledge to bring unparalleled professionalism and trust to the residents and businesses of Kuwait.

What Our Clients Can Expect from Our Private Notary Services

  1. Power of Attorneys and Official Declarations

 Clients seeking to document agency relationships or official declarations can rely on us. We meticulously ensure all documentations are in alignment with client’s requirements. However, it’s worth noting we exclude real estate ownership and rights in rem from our services.


  1. Company Contract Authentications

For businesses undergoing changes or expansions, our notaries are well-versed in authenticating and documenting contracts of incorporation, contract amendments, as well as company dissolutions or exits.


  1. Ratification of Customary Documents
    we also specializes in affirming the authenticity of customary documents, safeguarding client interests every step of the way.

“Our mission has always been to prioritize our client’s peace of mind. Our well-acquainted understanding of Kuwaiti laws, combined with our strict confidentiality standards, ensures that every experience with Al Haq Group’s notaries is seamless and reliable,” – Mr. Abdulhameed Kakuly. the Founding Partner

Clients and businesses are encouraged to experience this new level of convenience and assurance firsthand. 

To Learn More, visit the service page, and reach out to Al Haq Legal Group for further details or to arrange a consultation. Trust in our expertise, because ensuring your peace of mind remains at the heart of what we do.