Al Haq Legal Group, a pre-eminent provider of legal services, and Baker Tilly, a global frontrunner in financial consulting and business development, are delighted to announce the signing of a memorandum of understanding and strategic cooperation. This agreement aims to enhance collaboration and expertise-sharing in devising feasibility studies for the substantial economic and developmental projects emerging in Kuwait.

This robust partnership will spotlight data analysis and exhaustive research, enabling the delivery of precise and dependable recommendations to investors, companies, and governmental bodies. These studies will scrutinize the financial, legal, environmental, social, and regulatory components of initiatives, reinforcing confidence in strategic decision-making and accelerating the success of essential economic endeavours.

The involvement of Al Haq Legal Group is pivotal in overseeing and administering the legal aspects correlated with the creation and assessment of feasibility studies. The Group will meticulously analyze legal and regulatory facets influencing projects, fortifying trust, and backing strategic resolutions.

This agreement is emblematic of the mutual commitment by Al Haq Legal Group and Baker Tilly to innovation and distinction in the domain of feasibility study formulation. Moreover, it solidifies their dedication to furnishing innovative legal solutions to prominent development projects.

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For further information about this Cooperation or inquiries related to Al Haq Legal Group and Baker Tilly, please contact us.