Legal Expertise in all Areas of Business and Private Life

The Al Haq Group Law Office provides services in all areas involving Banking – Corporate Finance, Projects Funding, particularly Bank Facilities Contracts, used to guarantee Real Estate Mortgages. In addition, all matters related to Documentary Credits, Letters of Guarantee, Bank Guarantees and matters related to Smart Withdrawal Cards and the like. The Al Haq Group Law Office provides legal consultancy for Banks regarding the preparation of Policy Guides and the Banks’ internal regulations. They would all be consistent with and follow the instructions of the Central Bank.   

The Al Haq Group Law Office cooperates with one of the leading companies involved in the collection of Bank debts from individuals and companies. This company enjoys a great deal of experience in this field. It has many relations and database for all individuals and companies, all of that grants it the speed to obtain information about the assets and properties of the debtor, in order to collect the debts that he own towards the bank.