The franchise

Commercial franchises in the State of Kuwait have evolved significantly and have become the best legal means used by local and foreign  companies and clients to  expand their business in diverse geographical areas.
The Franchise Agreement  is defined as a contract between two legally independent parties under which one of the parties,( the franchisor), grants the second party called (the franchisee) the right to use one or more industrial and intellectual property rights or technical knowledge to produce or distribute its products Under the trademark used by the Franchisor in a particular geographical area and according to a certain period of time.
The owner of the Franchise shall be entitled to receive, in return for the right granted to the Franchisee  fees, benefits or economic interests.
The word “franchise”  is a French word that appeared in the Middle Ages of Europe to describe the rights and privileges granted to the king in exchange for allowing holidays, markets and cross-regions. The commercial franchise first appeared in 1871 M in the United States.
Franchise is a solution that helps economic ,commercial development and  investment development in small and medium enterprises, and encourages local companies to evolve their framework that they can compete other companies in order to improve the quality of the local product. In this context, the Legal Haq  Group provides a team of Legal Consultants and lawyers with a tremendous experience and high efficiency in drafting ,reviewing and amending Franchise contracts of various types in Arabic , English and French for anyone who intends to expand his projects in Kuwait or abroad  whatever his fields of work, whether in the field of restaurants, nutrition, clothing,cosmetic  or other.