Intellectual Property and Protection of Biotech Inventions

The Al Haq Group Law Office includes a team of lawyers and counsellors, who possess a great deal of experience in all branches and aspects of the law relating to Intellectual Property Rights – where the matter was related to the Registration or Protection of the Rights – including patents, trademarks, industrial models, geographic indicators, technical knowledge, author’s right, and collateral rights. In addition to the protection of new plants items. As the Al Haq Group Law Office has been involved in dealing with many disputes related to the abuse of Intellectual Property, it has also been involved in many legal consultations related to all kinds of Intellectual Property cases. It has drafted, reviewed and revised many contracts utilising and selling financial rights for different aspects of Intellectual Property Rights.

The Al Haq Group Law Office is considered one of the leading offices in the Middle East in the protection of biological inventions, providing legal consultancy in this regard. The Office also has great deal of experience in the drafting and revision of contracts of fair and equal partnership and the resulting benefits  due to the use of genetic materials, historical knowledge, as well as the terms and conditions of contracts for the launching of micro-organisms in the environment for treatment or environmental purposes. In addition, the Office has been responsible for the preparation of licenses for the introduction of genetically modified food into a market, Excavation licenses (biological search), and the drafting of the terms and conditions of applying (informing the consumer with the products status) genetically modified foods and products.