Legal Expertise in all Areas of Business and Private Life

Our International division has and continues to flourish due to the unparalleled expertise of our lawyers and legal advisers, all of whom have the competence and expertise to provide legal advice for foreign companies looking to invest in the State of Kuwait; in accordance with local law.  This is considering the  Al Haq Group International department’s ability to provide legal consultations  in  Arabic, English and French, which contributes to dealing with a wide range of clients.
International Section Services:
Al-Haq Group plays a leading role in keeping abreast of international legal challenges in the State of Kuwait. In this regard, we have the ability to provide legal advice in Arabic, English and French, both for the benefit of clients and companies, as well as providing various legal services such as drafting, reviewing and amending company contracts of various types and in several languages.
International cooperation:
The international department cooperates with a group of foreign offices, especially in the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council, as well as in Europe and the United States and others, with the aim of providing the necessary legal protection to clients and meeting their legal needs, as it helps them to follow up on their cases filed outside the State of Kuwait and provide them with legal advice at the required time.
Translation services:
The international department provides clients with translation services for documents and contracts, as well as  books and business correspondences into several languages.







Al Haq Group also has a significant  role in the challenging hemisphere of international legal practice in Kuwait. This includes collaborations with many International offices, both legal and commercial,    predominantly in all the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, Europe, United States and the Far East in order to provide comprehensive international coverage for the needs of all of our Clients.

The International department continues to thrive due to the unparalleled experience of the legal counselors and experts working in the Group . They have vast knowledge and experience in providing suitable legal advice for international companies, in accordance with their jurisdictions. As well as interpreting and clarifying Kuwaiti law to foreign individuals who have an interest in establishing their companies in the State of Kuwait.