Department of Companies Incorporation

The Al Haq Group Law Office operates a special Department for the Incorporation of Companies, which employs an elite group of counsellors, lawyers and administrators to provide Clients with legal consultancy and advice as well as deal with all procedural aspects in the different ministries and Government authorities, especially the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. This Department, as well as fulfilling the legal needs of Clients as quickly as possible, also plays a key role in the registration of Commercial Agencies for Clients.

This Department also consists of a Jurists Group. They are specialised in determining the best, the most efficient and the most productive method and mechanism for investing in Kuwait, whether through a Partnership with a Kuwaiti, a Kuwaiti Agent or by the establishment of a Company through the General Investment Authority.  and owned with 100% for foreigners in accordance with the needs and conditions of each client separately. This Department provides the Clients with access to significant and proven experience with regard to the selection and registration of an Agency, bearing in mind the variety of Commercial Agencies available.