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The Al Haq Group is considered as one of the leading Law Firms in Kuwait and in the Middle East. Our services are comprehensive and wide-ranging, reflecting our diverse legal capabilities that should fulfill the various needs of our Clients both Corporate and individual.  Our  office was founded by Mr. Ali Al Rashed, Dr. Hesham Saleh and Mr. Abdul-Hamid Kakouli out of their belief in the nobility and integrity of the profession, as well as  accessibility for companies and individuals alike.  Al Haq Group has achieved unparalleled success, which reinforces its status as a  pioneering law firm.  Our firm’s practice covers all areas of the law, both local and International.  Our firm’s International Department  works with and co-operates with many International law firms, whether in the Gulf Cooperation Council, Europe or in the United States, allowing us to meet our client’s local and international requirements.


Social Responsibility for Al Haq Group Law Office (Pro Bono)
Al Haq Group  believes in the real importance together with the critical role of all society members in general together with the Law Offices in particular, seeking out and in achieving justice. Every individual is entitled to his rights on the one hand as well as helping every  Charitable Organization on the other hand  in achieving its goal. On this principle,  Al Haq Group does not hesitate to fully take on this responsibility. Therefore, we have established a coordinated policy to provide free services for our Clients in the cases of child abuse, violence against children, and refugees’ cases.
We also provide Consultancy Services to students, who are willing to travel to continue their education abroad with regard to selecting the University, handling admission procedures and otherwise. As responsible members of our society,  we have provided many free services in this regard, the effects of which will only flourish in the light of an environment of  an integrated society that stands and supports each other. Al Haq Group also takes into consideration its role towards students and fresh graduates of Law Schools through providing “summer training”, in order to provide practical experience and to assist them at the beginning of their professional careers as young lawyers, for the purpose of effectively continuing to support and enhance the noble message of the Legal Profession.

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